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Re: question : authors names in code

* Alain Baeckeroot <alain.baeckeroot@laposte.net> [2008-01-15 20:22:16 CET]:
> I wanted to know if i have the right to remove the names from
> source code, and instead just put : "see CREDITS"

 Well, you should check if that is fine with the other authors of the

> for example:
> /* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *
>  * engine.c
>  * This file is part of lincity.
>  * Lincity is copyright (c) I J Peters 1995-1997, (c) Greg Sharp 1997-2001.
>  * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- */
> This file is now part of Lincity-NG, and there were significant changes, 
> enought for the file to not work anymore in old lincity.
> Can i write instead 
> /* engine.c
>  * This file is part of Lincity-NG
>  * See COPYING for license informations, and CREDITS for authors */

 Would you list in the CREDITS files which files were touched by whom?
Because otherwise your CREDITS might not be properly filled and you end
up in a situation where it's hard to find out who tweaked something in

 Because well, as you say yourself, they were part of the old lincity,
am are now in lincity-ng. Think about people wanting to pick up that
particular file and include it in a more unrelated project, it would get
more troublesome for them to list proper CREDITS.

 As it might sound troublesome to list the authors of the files in the
files themself, it has a big benefit that you should please not work
around. As this is asked on the Debian Games list I'm not sure if you
are even talking about upstream development or package maintenance
within Debian - for the latter you get a BIG NO WAY.

> This because i don't want to put my name in each file i modified :-)

 So you would put the name of each file you modified into the CREDITS

 So long,

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