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Re: FW: Some of your Debian packages might need attention

On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 01:24:13PM +0100, Vincent Fourmond wrote:
>   You should be able to go with convert, then (ImageMagick). convert
> is extremely powerful and quite stable (it has too, it is a
> command-line-only tool). convert natively reads XCF images, and I
> would be very surprised if it doesn't keep layer information (I didn't
> have time to check though).

Nice.  I was considering that, but expected to need a different image
format for it.

> If you want, I may dig into that sometime soon.

That would be nice.  Please let me know if you do, because I may also
work on it if I have time (which shouldn't be too soon ;-) ).

> I'll need some explanations probably about what is currently being
> done.

I think the gimp script (art/mktiles in the source) is pretty
self-explanatory (even though I had to remove all comments to let gimp
accept it).  It starts with some function definitions, followed by lots
of understandable statements (show/hide/mirror/turn/save).  All
arguments are layer names (defined at the top), except for save, which
takes a filename.


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