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Re: stormbaancoureur license issues

Barry deFreese wrote:
>     >#2.  engine.tga.  In the README you state that it is rendered from
>    a 3D
>     >model that you purchased.  That likely makes it non-free for Debian's
>     >purposes.  Can you be more specific with that?  Is it Copyrighted to
>     >someone else?
> No, the image is copyrighted by me.
> I purchased the right to make renderings from a 3D model.
> This 3D model is not included in the game.
> Does this comment even help any?  Even if he has the right to make a
> rendering, it doesn't make it redistributable does it??

  What is the precise license of the graphics ? Because if that happens
to be GPL, then he's failing to comply to the terms of it (he must
provide the 'source', that is, the 'preferred form for modification',
which in this case would be the 3D model).



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer
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