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Re: stormbaancoureur license issues

2008/1/9, Vincent Fourmond <fourmond@debian.org>:

>   What is the precise license of the graphics ? Because if that happens
> to be GPL, then he's failing to comply to the terms of it (he must
> provide the 'source', that is, the 'preferred form for modification',
> which in this case would be the 3D model).

We might try to check that, but that should be something to be
clarified in Debian as a whole, not just in the Team. I discussed that
topic once with people from the Release Team, and to take it to the
extreme could be unbearable. There was a thread in debian-legal some
time ago about GPL applied to music, and my conclusion was that
everything led to an absurd. With movies, it would be impossible to
put the sources in the repositories. With graphics, what about photos
or rendered and post-produced images?

The problem in fact is that GPL should not be applied to artwork,
because it doesn't make sense, but if it is, the discussion could be
deep enough for us to want to involve the whole of Debian in it.


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