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Re: Possible Transition from SVN to Git?

On Tue, Jan 01, 2008 at 08:18:28PM +0100, Vincent Fourmond
>   (stupid?) question: would it hurt to have two
>   repositories for the team ? One in SVN, one in git ? Of
>   course, each package should be in one repository only
>   (else, that would be a mess).

Personally, I'd quite like to duplicate one or so packages
in SVN and git to "learn the ropes" and see how things
worked on the git-side.  However, perhaps keeping my
work-flow SVN oriented would mean I wouldn't really see the
advantages of using git this way.

I know of at least one external package that remains so
because the maintainer doesn't like SVN; I'll see if he
likes git. If so, maybe I can trial git with that one.

Jon Dowland

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