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Re: gothicx-guest removed


On 10/29/07, Miriam Ruiz <little.miry@gmail.com> wrote:
> We still have to decide whether this is a one time case, whether it
> can happen again, if we want to implement ACLs, if all this has scare
> other potential contributors out, so that they won't do stuff fearing
> they might make mistakes and so on, so please don't close the thread.
> The first thing I'd like to calmly decide is whether we might want
> ACLs or not. I'm not personally convinced of any option.

  I think that ACL are not a solution: they will be a pain to get
working and to maintain. And also, if I understand rights the ACL are
about allowing one to write on certain directories of the repository,
but not other ? Then, I don't see much benefits: would there be
packages that one can blunder, but others one shouldn't ?

  I think it is best to advocate either kicking out of the project or
at least temporarily suspending completely write access to the
repository. The member targeted by this measures could then prove
his/her goodwill by submitting patches to other members.

  As for joining the team, I find that the current way to do that is
reasonable. The more there is measures to get into the team, the less
contributors there will be (as for myself, I wouldn't have joined if I
had to undergo a test of any kind...). Maybe the first commits should
be watched closely to spot early enough problematic commits/commiters
? It should appear quickly if bad commits are a result of clumsiness
or beginners' mistakes on a ground  of good faith or if they are due
to real carelessness. We don't need team members from the second
category, but we do want to teach the first one.



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