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Re: Preliminaries remarks on Frets on Fire

On Tue May 22 19:37, Romain Beauxis wrote:
> > The point of the Debian's Game Team is to do collaborative maintenance of
> > the packages, so that the results would be much better than if anyone has
> > done everything alone. Feel free to upload your changes to SVN. We have a
> > quick guide on how our SVN is organized at http://wiki.debian.org/Games/SVN
> > , and the conclussion about how we want to handle our packages at
> > http://wiki.debian.org/Games/ToolsDiscuss . Thanks for your help, welcome
> > to the group! :)
> Ok, I've removed the post* scripts, this change was trivial..
> I let you decide for the menu, either remove it and replace it by a .desktop 
> or add an .xpm icon. My point is that both .desktop and menu would be nice.

I've managed to create a (hopefully vaguely) nice xpm icon (the previous
attempts were an orange blob) and also added a desktop file. I hope
that's all I need to do for a desktop file, since I couldn't find any
debian-specific documentation.

> For the libGL dependency, it is not clear wether the python-gl package pulls 
> the required library since it depends on xlibmesa-gl | libgl1, xlibmesa-glu | 
> libglu1, and one of them could not ship the required binary... 

Well, xlibmesa-gl has a hard dependency on libgl1-mesa-glx, which
contains it and libgl1 is not a package in the archive. Given the name
though, any package which provided libgl1 should really contain
libGL.so.1..... The only dependency I can think of sensibly adding would
be xlibmesa-gl | libgl1, which seems redundant. Quite why/how you have
an install not containing libGL.so.1 I don't know. Perhaps you could
investigate what is satisfying those dependencies so we can investigate?

> dh_install is up to maintainer as I said..

Ok, I've moved some of the stuff dh_install can't to do build and done
the rest with dh_install.

I've also had another look at the songs package and made a few similar

Everything has been rebuilt (signed with the key I can use from work) at
http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/debian-upload/fretsonfire/ and is in svn.

Matthew Johnson

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