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Re: Preliminaries remarks on Frets on Fire

Le Tuesday 22 May 2007 18:05:50 Miriam Ruiz, vous avez écrit :
> --- Romain Beauxis <toots@rastageeks.org> escribió:
> > 	Hi all !
> Hi! Really, thanks a lot for your comments and your time :)

De nada :)

[ Mix of both replies without respective author.. ]
> > * Is it really needed the png icon ? I know its ugly and etc, but it's
> > not hardwork to convert an icon to xpm, and a lintian-override for that
> > seems a bit overkill to me.. I even think that the png icon will be used
> > anyway if you ship a .desktop file.. And yea I know menu system is
> > overdated, but it is still there actually..
> Well, I could. I did once try doing that, but frankly I'd rather have no
> icon when png isn't supported; xpms look that bad. And I want a
> lintian-override for anything which generates a lintian warning which I
> don't think should be fixed (like this).

I would say that no menu at all is better than a broken menu..
Debian policy say 'should' for the debian menu so it is not mandatory..
You can decide which way you'll prefer, but be sure to ship a .desktop file 
I definitly think a lintian-override is too much. These have to be reserved 
for special and mandatory occasions which is not the case here..
BTW the menu is not displayed here with KDE, I'm not sure it is related to png 
icon, but it may be...

> > * Many of the install calls in rules may be placed in a .install file,
> > and executed by dh_install. It makes the rules script much more
> > readable..
> Yup, that makes sense, even though I think both approaches have their pros
> and cons. I shall consider that anyway

Yes, this is up to the maintainer I guess..

> > access to the svn could help uploading it more quickly perhaps..
> You will be welcome if you wanted to help :) If you told me yout id in
> alioth I can add you to the project.

My login is my DD login, toots.

> We're happy maintaining it; we're both in NM, so hope to be DDs soon so
> sponsoring hopefully wouldn't be for too long.

Well, not to be pessimistic, but this can take months... So you'd better find 
sponsors with which you work closely until then.. 


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