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RE: Preliminaries remarks on Frets on Fire

--- Romain Beauxis <toots@rastageeks.org> escribió:

> 	Hi all !

Hi! Really, thanks a lot for your comments and your time :)

> First thanks for the hard work on frets, it must have been time consuming..
> Some remarks that could be adressed:
> [ For fretsonfire ]
> * Could you write what have been done to dfsg's the source ? This is very 
> helpfull later on if the package has to be handled by another developper for
> instance.. UPDATE: I just noticed it's automatically done in rules... Nice..
> But some rational about the need of dfsg source and instructions in human
> way 
> could be interesting too in a README.Debian-source..

It might be a good idea, even though it might be quite time-consuming
documenting all that stuff. I usually do it, as you said, in the
get-orig-source target in debian/rules, but then, in this case it might not be
just a couple of lines, so I guess you're right.

> * There seems to be a missing dependency on libGL:
> ImportError: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or 
> directory

That's quite strange, we shouldn't be needing to link directly against OpenGL,
AFAIK. python-opengl maybe? I'll have a look at that. You're the second person
reporting this to me, so it might be quite serious

> * Just to be sure: did you check individual files for copyright ? -- I've
> not 
> done it myself yet :)

Yup, that was the most part of the work :)

> * Is it really needed the png icon ? I know its ugly and etc, but it's not 
> hardwork to convert an icon to xpm, and a lintian-override for that seems a 
> bit overkill to me.. I even think that the png icon will be used anyway if 
> you ship a .desktop file.. And yea I know menu system is overdated, but it
> is 
> still there actually..

Hmmm yeah, I guess an .xpm icon might be easier to handle. I'll look into

> * the postinst/postrm that updates the menu should be generated by some 
> debhelper call, dh_installmenu for instance.. and it is already done since 
> you call it in rules..

I didn't notice we were doing that, thanks for noticing it, you're totally

> * Many of the install calls in rules may be placed in a .install file, and 
> executed by dh_install. It makes the rules script much more readable..

Yup, that makes sense, even though I think both approaches have their pros 
and cons. I shall consider that anyway

> I've not checked -songs package for now..
> I have no additional time now for deeper review, but it would be nice to
> have 
> those issues adressed.. I'm ok to give some hand on the package if you think
> it's interesting, but can't reasonably say I will maintain it.. But a commit
> access to the svn could help uploading it more quickly perhaps..

You will be welcome if you wanted to help :) If you told me yout id in alioth
I can add you to the project.

> Thanks and have a good day !

Thank you for helping :)

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