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Spam and what happens behind the scenes

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Hello all,

Most of you aren't aware of the massive ammounts of spam that we receive on pkg-games-devel since Miriam, Gonéri and
myself are doing approvals behind the scenes. This model has sort-of-worked until now, but I was dissatisfied with the
fact that it needed a huge amount of manual work and, more problematic, I saw recently that two legitimate mails were
not forwarded to the list (I am not judging anyone here, the setup we had is really demanding when loads of spam arrive).

So I decided to take a good look at the mailman settings and identify which configuration issues do we have that
basically forces us to approve every mail that comes from a non-subscribed person.

I (think I) have changed those settings in such a way that subscriber related rules are ignored and try to deal with
legitimate mail based on things such as the headers specific to debbugs, hosts etc.

This means that I have tried to change the rules to do the following:
- - ignore any subscription rules (but if the person is subscribed, allow by default)
- - if the mail appears to come from debbugs and is the initial BR, allow it
- - if the mail appears to come from debbugs and its spam score is 0, allow it
- - anything else, hold for moderation

This is what I have *tried* to tell mailman to do.
That doesn't mean I succeded, so please bear with me (or the spam that might slip through) for a while until I am fairly
sure that the configuration works as expected. I'll watch for any mails that might be categorised badly to try to tune
better the configuration.

Thanks for understanding.

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