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Re: Spam and what happens behind the scenes

Eddy Petrișor wrote:
> Hello all,

Hello again,

> Most of you aren't aware of the massive amounts of spam that we receive on pkg-games-devel since Miriam, Gonéri and

> I (think I) have changed those settings in such a way that subscriber related rules are ignored and try to deal with
> legitimate mail based on things such as the headers specific to debbugs, hosts etc.
> This means that I have tried to change the rules to do the following:
> - ignore any subscription rules (but if the person is subscribed, allow by default)
> - if the mail appears to come from debbugs and is the initial BR, allow it
> - if the mail appears to come from debbugs and its spam score is 0, allow it
> - anything else, hold for moderation
> This is what I have *tried* to tell mailman to do.
11 days have passed and I must say that I am very pleased with the result of this experiment until now.

AFAICT, the number of spam messages that have slipped through is not that big, IMHO, taking into account that there has
been a peak in spam quantities these days[1] (those spam messages with urls in them) and that the quantities of mails
that we had to process manually were quite big, compared to what we have to do now.

My main target was to make sure that legitimate mail passes through without the need to interfere with
moderation/approval and hold for moderation suspect mail.

> Thanks for understanding.

Again, thanks for your patience.

To Miriam and Gonéri: please don't touch the current configuration of the list. I think I still can make a few teaks
here and there to make the thing give less false negatives (headers is he key, if anyone's intrestred). Moderation
assistance is appreciated ;-) .

[1] As a matter of fact this precise peak was the reason of my frustration topped by the fact that some legitimate mail
was dropped in manual processing due to understandable human error.
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