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Re: FretsOnFire

2007/4/17, Matthew Johnson <debian@matthew.ath.cx>:
On Mon Apr 16 18:51, Jason Spiro wrote:

> Should the package suggest (or maybe even recommend) vorbis-tools?

Yes, certainly suggest.

I guess I'm even for recommend it. Which one would be better? One of them for sure.

> Also:  What will the package be named?  I think frets-on-fire is best;

Currently the packaging is done as fretsonfire; the upstream tarball is
named like that and I'm not really a fan of hyphens for that. It
confuses their use when you have fretsonfire, fretsonfire-songs;
fretsonfire-nonfree-songs, etc (which we will have).


> Also, when there are no songs installed and you click "Play Game",
> does the game offer a "Get more songs..." option that will tell you
> about the relevant websites and the Import Songs menu option?  If so,
> who can write one?  I can write the text if you want, but not the
> code.

This will require some amount of code and patching upstream. Currently
we have avoided patching upstream, which I'd like to maintain if
possible. ATM we have a README.Debian which says:

   The Debian version of Frets on Fire has had the tracks replaced with
   free ones. The originals can still be downloaded from

This should be amended to give the new state of play and instructions on
all the ways of getting songs (upstream, the GH games,
keyboardsonfire.net, writing your own). I think having a clear
README.Debian is sufficient.

I'd also prefer not to patch it. If we need to modify anything, upstream are really really nice and collaborative so we could count on them for sure.
Also, while I think about it, have we had the licence for the tutorial
clarified as free? We really should have that in our version.

Don't know about the song. The rest I think it is (dunno if it's really free or CC, that should be clarified).

The next thing to do is to replace the fonts.


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