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Re: FretsOnFire

--- Matthew Johnson <debian@matthew.ath.cx> escribió:

> I've updated the debian/rules to use install -m so that everything is
> the right mode and it builds a package without lintian warnings now. I
> was looking back over the ITP and it says "Frets On Fire depends on a
> library called amanith that is licensed under QPL,
> so it's not DFSG-free". The  todo/changelog says 'remove dependency on
> amanith' though. Does it now not use amanith at all? or could we
> use it with amanth and use svgs rather than pngs? Do we want to do this?

Upstream removed the dependecy on pyamanith when I asked them. It can use pngs
now instead of pngs. I think that the decision is made depending on whether
the .png files exist or not. Upstream is really really collaborative :)


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