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Re: Removing quake2-data from etch

Jamie Wilkinson wrote:
This one time, at band camp, Andreas Metzler wrote:
On a sidenote: Jamie, how about orphaning quake2-data and quake,
afaict you have not been maintaining it actively for a couple of

I see no harm in the current state.  I've only recently begun to have enough
time to manage packages again in the last 4 years, so hopefully this will
see improvement.

I have no objection to others maintaining these packages through NMUs,
however, and thus I see no reason to orphan them.
Would you consider joining and co-maintaining these packages as part of the Debian games team (list CCed and FU'd)? There is a lot of potential cross-pollination that can occur there with these packages, particularly -data (as we are working on combined, generic data installer packages for such things).

Jon Dowland

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