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Re: Legends: The Game submission

On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 12:59:52PM +0100, Daniel Baumann
> TerroX wrote:
> > Probably best to include the Web Installer (2kb) rather
> > than our full archive (120meg) due to cumbersome big
> > files and we might change the .deb a bit when we get
> > some more .deb users installing from it and suggesting
> > improvements to the installer :) ,
> > http://legendsthegame.net/index.php?m=fileswap&view=78
> (note that i am not part of the debian games team, so my
> personal opinion is not reflecting the teams opinion in
> any way and may differ from it.)
> assumed that the whole components of the game are properly
> redistributable, i would welcome a package containing
> everything, and not just an installer. from the debian
> user point of view, i expect to have everything ready when
> i have installed the package, and not requiring other
> downloads.

I'd just like to second this (as a member of the debian
games team).

Jon Dowland

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