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Re: Legends: The Game submission

On Tue, 09 Jan 2007 22:59:52 +1100, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:

> assumed that the whole components of the game are properly
> redistributable, i would welcome a package containing everything, and
> not just an installer. from the debian user point of view, i expect to
> have everything ready when i have installed the package, and not
> requiring other downloads.

You can see the full downloads at http://download.legendsthegame.net/

> where do i find the sources for it excately (sources are the
> orig.tar.gz, .dsc and diff.gz files)?

We don't have tar.gz archives anymore, the package script is here http://legendsthegame.net/community/doku.php?id=linux:package_creator and the files are able to be extracted from the 100 meg .run file if you know your way around .sh files. Or you could list all the files using RSYNC to

rsync --stats -zrvc --partial --progress rsync://update.legendsthegame.net/lin32legends/ .
rsync --stats -zrvc --partial --progress rsync://update.legendsthegame.net/commonlegends/ .


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