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Legends: The Game submission

Hello all,

Our community members have recently help to create debian packages for our
'Tribes clone' and I would like to submit it to the non-free section (it
is for closed source submissions right?). Who do I contact or where do I
log in?

We have a debian wiki note listed here
BTW: no licensed assets are in the game, all owned by Legends.

Probably best to include the Web Installer (2kb) rather than our full
archive (120meg) due to cumbersome big files and we might change the .deb
a bit when we get some more .deb users installing from it and suggesting
improvements to the installer :) ,

And if there are any package issues, we have the scripts to package it all
up on our wiki so you can help us out if you want (adding menu entries on
various distro setups ? ).

Thanks for reading.

ps: I might as well attach the file since its so small. Hope that is cool.

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