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Re: changes to the doom-wad virtual package

At 1159264023 past the epoch, Jamie Jones wrote:
> No objections from me (the deng packager/upstream). It
> will be a long while before we have full boom support, and
> I do get tired of the bug reports that it doesn't work
> with freedoom correctly.

Ok cool. It has only just occured to me that this will mean
chocolate-doom has to go into contrib for the time being :(

( as a result I just had an attempt at seeing if freedoom
  could be made "backwards compatible": many boom-isms could
  gracefully degrade e.g. colormap lumps for type 242
  linedefs can have dummy texture names defined; however
  just about all of the doom2 maps cause visplane overflows
  in chocolate-doom. )

Jon Dowland

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