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lxdoom,lxmusserv and doom-wad-shareware

Hi Joe,

I'm mailing you about your doom-related packages, in
particular, lxdoom.

I'm pleased to see you've applied the Depends: patch which
moves lxdoom into main :) I'm working on various other
doom-related packages (as part of the Debian Games Team[1]).
I'm planning on making another change to the doom-wad
virtual packages which would require another change to

Anyway, I was going to mail and ask if you would consider
moving your doom packages into the games team for
group-maintenance. But, I would instead ask what you think
of simply dropping lxdoom.

Upstream maintainership of lxdoom stopped in 2000 when it
was merged with a few other projects to form "prboom".
Prboom was packaged by Arthur Korn shortly afterwards.

If you agree that it's worth abandoning lxdoom, let me know
and I'll do the leg-work to ensure a smooth upgrade path for
lxdoom users (set Replaces: headers etc.)

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Games
[2] I posted the proposal to debian-devel-games but it
    hasn't turned up in the archives yet.


Jon Dowland

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