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Re: status of gtkradiant


* Frits Daalmans <fritsd@wanadoo.nl> [060905 16:50]:

> I find your question very difficult, actually, because of the nature of the 
> package. Because it's an editor, it should be able to be used by a user
> to write levels for a new, to be developed, game. All this would take (AFAIK)
> is to draw and design new textures, define new entities, and then adding a 
> configuration files /usr/share/games/gtkradiant/games/mynewgame.game
> and /usr/share/games/gtkradiant/mynewgame.game/data/entities.def etc.

Hmmm... you have a point there.  Okay, I think the best we can do at the
moment is the following:  You keep on talking to id, I'll talk to one of
our ftp-masters (Might take a few days; I'm again on the road), and
Bruno Kleinert continues packaging the nexuiz stuff for gtkradiant; I
think he mentioned some time ago, that he was working on license

Yours sincerely,


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