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Re: status of gtkradiant


* Frits Daalmans <fritsd@wanadoo.nl> [060827 00:19]:

> It's been a while since my last RFS and a few days since I asked for upload of 
> Please tell me what you think!

Sorry, took me some time to investigate your package further.

As far as I see you address all issues from my previous mail.  Congrats
on that :)

Sadly I think I found an other problem.  If I understood your
debian/README.debian corectly, for gtkradiant to work you still need to
download stuff from the internet, right?
(At least it told me it couldn't find game data, when I just started

Therefore it depends on stuff not packages in debian (and if I
understood that corectly, it curently can't be packaged due to license
issues), and can't go into main, only contrib :(

Sorry.  Shall I upload it there?

Yours sincerely,


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