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Re: Default fullscreen mode

> Hello,

> I have a problem in my laptop, in that if I run a game and the game
> wants to go fullscreen, it's likely to set a video mode that won't play
> well with the LCD screen, and it's also likely that if I kill the game,
> the video mode won't be restored.
Which resolution and driver do you use. Is it possible to see your
xorg.conf? Do you already have opened a bug about this?

> As a consequence of this, every time I install a new game I need to go
> through the manpage to find out if it has an option to turn on and off
> full screen, and what it is, and how to use it.
> After restarting X yet another time, and having problems finding the
> right switch for prboom, I started wondering if it wouldn't be a good
> idea to decide an env variable that tells games if they should start by
> default in fullscreen or in a window.
> Do you think it makes sense, and it's worth the effort?
For me, your suggestion is because of your issue with Xorg. The great
majority of users will not use such feature.



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