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Re: tarballs - why in SVN?

On 14/08/06, Reinhard Tartler <siretart@tauware.de> wrote:
"Eddy Petriÿor" <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com> writes:

>> In what cases would you be forced to check that out?
> Since I tried to build boson 0.12, which is unreleased and the only
> place to get the orig tarball from was to check it from SVN. Since SVN
> is capable of cheking out only directories, I was forced to checkout
> 130MB of orig tarballs, instead of only getting one file of 2.2 MB.

Hm. I see. But, couldn't you have download the tarball from
instead? That's only 2.2 MB download.

I didn't think about that... :-/

About your other suggestion, I think it is a good idea to use svn
properties to point to the orig.tar.gz. If it will be used by tools
like svn-buildpackage, even better.

I have suggested this in the associated bug report #377880.

I'd even recommend to point them to the alioth svn interface, just as
the link above. Its more or less plain http after all.

Yes, but still, IMHO, it doesn't make sens to load the SVN server with
orig tarballs.

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