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Re: Our SVN layout is not that smart OR should we change the SVN layout? (take 2)

Eddy PetriÅ?or wrote:
> I have had complaints from Sam on IRC and I also faced a really
> annoying limitation of SVN because of the currently chosen layout.
> The main problem is that the current layout does not allow work on
> multiple packages at once because, in order to get all trunk
> directories at once, one will be forced to pull in also branches and
> tags directories.

The last time we had the discussion about our svn layout was because
svn-inject supports only the format we have now. 

I don't really mind to switch, espc. if ppl are starting to work across
a set of packages. It would be great if someone could make svn-inject
support injecting 'the other layout' natively.


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