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Re: RFS: hearts-0.1-1 -- The classic Hearts card game for the GNOME desktop

Sander Marechal wrote:
I have updated the package and the upstream sources. The package name is now gnome-hearts_0.1 and installs in the gnome-hearts directory. Documentation, .desktop files, etcetera have all been adjusted accordingly. The only thing I haven't adjusted is my subversion path (I'll do that after I release gnome-hearts-0.1 when current users don't need the old svn links anymore). Here are the new links for the debian package:


Thanks for the suggestion.

I've made an update to the man page (I forgot to change hearts in gnome-hearts in there) and rebuilt the package. Please re-download if you were looking at the previous version. Thanks :-)

Sander Marechal

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