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Re: RFS: hearts-0.1-1 -- The classic Hearts card game for the GNOME desktop

Paul Cupis wrote:
Sander Marechal wrote:
I am the developer of Hearts for GNOME (http://www.gnome-hearts.org) and
I just packaged the upcoming 0.1 release for Debian. I am looking for a
sponsor who is willing to check and upload the package for me.

I wonder if you have considered calling the source/binary packages
"gnome-hearts" instead of "hearts".

I have doubting whether I should call it hearts or gnome-hearts for some time actually. There's two reasons why I finally picked hearts.

1) I didn't wan't people to think that hearts is some kind of official gnome project, who all seem to have their packages prefixed with gnome-

2) There is currently no package in the archives named hearts. There exists an older hearts game for KDE [1] but it has not been actively developed for over two years and it's not in the debian archives. (OT: I reimplemented KDE Hearts' AI in my game and dubbed him Luis, after the KDE Hearts developer).

Any Gnome people have an opinion on this?
I'd like to know, is there is a package name convention for official and unofficial gnome packages?

Anyway, I'm perfectly willing to rename the package to gnome-hearts if that is the consensus.

[1] http://hearts.luispedro.org/

Sander Marechal

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