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Re: RFS: hearts-0.1-1 -- The classic Hearts card game for the GNOME desktop

Sander Marechal wrote:
> Paul Cupis wrote:
>> Sander Marechal wrote:
>>> I am the developer of Hearts for GNOME (http://www.gnome-hearts.org) and
>>> I just packaged the upcoming 0.1 release for Debian. I am looking for a
>>> sponsor who is willing to check and upload the package for me.
>> I wonder if you have considered calling the source/binary packages
>> "gnome-hearts" instead of "hearts".
> I have doubting whether I should call it hearts or gnome-hearts for some
> time actually. There's two reasons why I finally picked hearts.
> 1) I didn't wan't people to think that hearts is some kind of official
> gnome project, who all seem to have their packages prefixed with gnome-
> 2) There is currently no package in the archives named hearts. There
> exists an older hearts game for KDE [1] but it has not been actively
> developed for over two years and it's not in the debian archives. (OT: I
> reimplemented KDE Hearts' AI in my game and dubbed him Luis, after the
> KDE Hearts developer).

Indeed, and the khearts developers was asked as a result of this very
mailing list to change the name from hearts to khearts.


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