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I found this: Highmoon

I've found a game that seems to be quite cute:


 HighMoon is a game similar to "Artillery" or "Worms" -- but it takes place in
the universe. There is a planet system between two flying saucers. The
gravitational fields of the planets and moons change inevitably each ballistic
curve. It is not easy to eliminate an enemy. If you miss it, the shoots can
change their direction and become dangerous to the attacker. HighMoon can be
played against a computer or a human opponent in many planet systems.

It's licensed under GPL and seems to be totally free, but they have no
explicit notice on the copyright and license of sounds and graphics, so it
should be clarified with upstream if they have the copyright on them, and to
ask them for an specific license for those contents.

I'm going to my home town for some days so I won't be able to work on it right
now. I'll do it when I'm back, but I thought it would be nice to drop some
lines in case someone else might be interested.


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