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Re: Do we need a home page and a logo?

Hi folks,

Am Mittwoch 12 April 2006 00:52 schrieb Eddy Petrişor:
> I was talking today with Miriam about my idea: I think that a game
> console over a Debian swirl should be nice. One idea to do this would
> be to create the logo starting from the swirl and a game console
> (joystick) from an icon or something like that.
> NOTE: The proposed approach has a possible pitfall: the license of the
> swirl is one and the icon in question might have another one which is
> incompatible.
> By "game console (joystick)" I mean something like [1] or [2]. 
Does anyone remember [3]?

> It 
> would be nice to have a revamped console image in order not to have
> trademark issues and similar crap.
> Sadly I don't have the talent do display neither my mind image of the
> logo, nor a schetch...

Thinking in a totally different direction, I just made [4] (too bad I'm lousy 
with s.th. almost but not completely different from ascii). Maybe it will at 
least give some inspiration ;).

[3]: http://tiber.tauware.de/~sistpoty/pix/joystick.jpg
[4]: http://tiber.tauware.de/~sistpoty/pix/debian-games.png

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