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Re: Debian package for Cube?

 --- Linas Zvirblis <0x0007@gmail.com> escribió:

> Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> > If you want we can add a big readme or disclaimer telling that, or maybe
> we
> > can package it under a different name, something like freecube or things
> like
> > that, to avoid confussion.
> Would having two packages, one with your binaries and another built from
> source, be an option? That would look something like this:
>  cube (non-free)
>  notcube (main)
>  cube-data (non-free)
> (I am not CC'ing anyone, as I am not directly involved)

If someone wants to package cube (non-free), it's up to him/her. There are
lots of problems with it:

- Cube binaries are not available for every Debian architecture
- Users would be tied to the shared objects (.so files) it depends on
- It wouldn't be possible to keep it up to date with latest versions of the
libraries it depends on (including C++ transitions like the ones we've lived)
- It won't be possible for us to fix any possible bugs that appear
- It's not possible to audit the code for possible security holes
- It's quite difficult to find people in Debian intrested in packaging
non-free stuff, especially binary-only non-free stuff

Anyway it would be possible to make the notcube or freecube or whatever name
we give it in such a way that a possible cube debian package would be
compatible with it (like using a Provides: cube, or something like that).


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