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need sponsor for trigger (was: Re: r439 - packages/wormux/trunk/debian)


Am Donnerstag 06 April 2006 19:03 schrieb Moritz Muehlenhoff:
> I just filed it on behalf on the Debian Games Group. I'm currently in the
> final phase of my thesis; I won't be able to work on anything games related
> until the end of May, neither by packaging nor sponsoring.

which is sad news, since I'll need to look for someone else sponsoring trigger 
then... any volunteers?

Unfortunately I'm quite busy right now as well, and didn't come to writing a 
prepare.sh script yet... 

However if you check out trigger/trigger-data and create a tarballs-directory 
right below top-src-dir, you can simply call make -f debian/rules 
get-orig-source (within top-src-dir) and should end up with a .orig.tar.gz 
lying in ../tarballs.


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