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Re: Debian at Solutions Linux 2004 (Paris - February 3rd to 5th)

* Julien BLACHE <jblache@debian.org> [2003-10-14 20:03]:
> Debian will have a booth in the .org pavillion ; I've taken the
> responsibility for the booth.


> As usual, we'll need demo machines, switches and the like, tables and
> chairs, posters, flyers, CDs/DVDs, goodies, etc... Posters (made by
> Ayo), CDs/DVDs and goodies have been incredibly popular last year ; we
> ran out of CDs pretty fast, finally sold all the DVDs, and the goodies

Were you sellings these posters?  If yes, how much did you charge?

BTW, Ayo did some news posters recently for an event in the UK (the
embedded Debian one is new, I'm not sure if the Debian one is the same
you had last year); they are at http://73lab2.free.fr/debian_posters/

> It'd be great if we could find some sponsors who could either lend us
> demo machines or pay for some of our expenses.

If you want to get any promotional material done which can be used for
future events as well, Debian can cover the expenses (or some, if you
also find sponsors).  Perhaps you'd like to print a Debian banner?

Martin Michlmayr

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