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Re: UN-CANCEL! Bruce Perens IS coming to Paris for Bastille Day

Jérôme a écrit : 

 > Bruce Perens <bruce@perens.com> writes:
 >> I have cleared the problem that came up, and will be able to get on the
 >> plane to Paris after all. Sorry for being such a flake :-)
 >> So, is anyone able to meet?

 >   I'm living near Paris and I'm a Debian Developper. I'm available on
 >   Sunday and would be pleased to meet you.
 >   I would advice that you post to -private, some French guy might be
 >   interested too (not everyone is subscribed to debian-devel-french).

I'm living at Bastille, in Paris (hehe) and I would be really interested
to meet you.

Depending of how many people we are, we can meet at my home, the map is
on my personal page (see the sig).

I'll come back from LSM tonight, around 23.15 (but I might change it to
come back sooner). Please keep me informed.

Just in case: 06 07 37 89 98 is my phone number.

Fabien Penso <penso@linuxfr.org> | LinuxFr a toujours besoin de :
http://perso.LinuxFr.org/penso/  | http://linuxFr.org/dons/

Note spéciale: Je serai aux LSM du 10 au 13 inclus: http://lsm.abul.org

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