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Bits from the Release Team: ride like the wind, Bullseye!


Shortly before the end of the 6th July, we released Debian 10, "buster".

There are too many people who should be thanked for their work on getting us to
this point to list them all individually, and we would be sure to miss some.
Nevertheless, we would like to particularly thank the installer team, the
buildd and ftp teams, the CD team, the publicity team, the webmasters, the
Release Notes editors, porters and all the bug squashers, NMUers, package
maintainers and translators who have contributed to making buster a great
release of which we should all be proud.

First point release

As for stretch, we anticipate that the first point release for buster will
occur in approximately one month's time.

Please co-ordinate fixes which you would like to see included in the point
release with the Stable Release Managers (SRMs) via a "pu" bug against the
release.debian.org pseudopackage, including a debdiff of the current and
proposed source packages. Remember to use reportbug unless you enjoy crafting
the metadata by hand.

No binary maintainer uploads for bullseye

The release of buster also means the bullseye release cycle is about to begin.
From now on, we will no longer allow binaries uploaded by maintainers to
migrate to testing. This means that you will need to do source-only uploads if
you want them to reach bullseye.

  Q: I already did a binary upload, do I need to do a new (source-only) upload?
  A: Yes (preferably with other changes, not just a version bump).

  Q: I needed to do a binary upload because my upload went to the NEW queue,
     do I need to do a new (source-only) upload for it to reach bullseye?
  A: Yes. We also suggest going through NEW in experimental instead of unstable
     where possible, to avoid disruption in unstable.

  Q: Does this also apply to contrib and non-free?
  A: No. Not all packages in contrib and non-free can be built on the buildds,
     so maintainer uploads will still be allowed to migrate for packages
     outside main.

All autopkgtest failures considered RC for bullseye

From now on, all autopkgtest failures will be considered release-critical for
bullseye. So if your package has failing autopkgtests, now is a good time to
start looking for a fix.

Start working on bullseye

With the start of the bullseye release cycle, you can now upload to unstable
those changes you've been holding off during the freeze. Please do not rush to
upload everything all at once, in order to manage load on the buildds etc.
Automatic testing migration is not yet re-enabled, but that will happen during
the next few days.

As with buster, we would ask that you co-ordinate particularly large
transitions or changes; if your plans involve major toolchain changes or
otherwise have the potential to cause problems in unstable for a long time
(e.g. due to FTBFS issues), please talk to us. We know that there are a large
number of changes which have been waiting for the release to happen and we're
keen not to stand in the way of those but would also like to avoid a number of
larger transitions becoming entangled.

That's it for now; it is time for the celebrations to begin, whether at a
Release Party[1] or otherwise. :-)

1: https://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartyBuster

For the release team:
Jonathan Wiltshire                                      jmw@debian.org
Debian Developer                         http://people.debian.org/~jmw

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