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Debian Policy released

Hello everyone,

Hot on the heels of Debian 10 "buster" comes Debian Policy
(breathe your sign of relief).  Thank you to everyone who participated
in preparing this release.

Here are the significant normative changes from the previously announced
release of Policy (4.3.0):

    The recommended way to implement the build process of a Debian
    package, in the absence of a good reason to use a different
    approach, is the ``dh`` tool.  This recommendation includes the
    contents of the ``debian/rules`` building script.

    Some examples of good reasons to use a different approach are
    given.  The recommendation to use ``dh`` does not always apply,
    and use of ``dh`` is not required.

    Permit ``-b`` in Vcs-Hg as well as Vcs-Git.

    Document versioned Provides.

    New ``logind`` and ``default-logind`` virtual packages for a package
    providing logind API (via D-Bus and sd-login(3)), and for Debian's
    preferred implementation, respectively.

Sean Whitton

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