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Bits from the Release Team: Debian 10 'buster' freeze has begun


We're pleased to announce that the freeze for Debian 10 'buster' has begun. 
On January 12th we stopped accepting transition requests and we are working
to complete the remaining transitions in progress.

This also means that autopkgtest regressions have now become migration

Other stages of the release are on target. They are:

  2019-02-12 Soft freeze (no new packages, no re-entry, 10 day migration)
  2019-03-12 Full freeze

Further details of what changes are appropriate during the freeze are
available in the freeze policy [1].

Upcoming bug squashing parties have been announced already in Austin,
Berlin, Cambridge and many others. For details of a BSP near you, please
see the Debian Wiki [2].

Please take this opportunity to check packages are in their final shape and
stay vigilant for release-critical bugs.

1: https://release.debian.org/buster/freeze_policy.html
2: https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/

For the release team:
Jonathan Wiltshire                                      jmw@debian.org
Debian Developer                         http://people.debian.org/~jmw

4096R: 0xD3524C51 / 0A55 B7C5 1223 3942 86EC  74C3 5394 479D D352 4C51

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