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Salsa Beta - Updates


we wanted to give you some updates and news about our salsa beta.

First, the most important thing: the beta is doing well,
we already have more than 2800 repos and over 2200 users on salsa.

We also improved our documentation[1], please take a look if you find
some spare time (and feel free to improve them more).

Now, some announcements:

IRC Notifications

Alexander (formorer) is running an Irker instance on one of its own
VMs. Irker can send push events to an IRC channel. Please check the
wiki[2] for details on how to use it.

We are not entirely happy with irker and are working on a better
solution that will also  support Issues, Merge Requests and other
gitlab events. Until that is ready, you are invited to use the Irker

Gitlab Runner

Bastian (waldi) and Alexander (formorer) added two shared runners, one
running on the Google Platform, one on Azure to allow experiments with
gitlab-ci[3]. Both runners use docker to provide images. You can use
every image available in the official docker registry[4]. If you
don't choose an image it defaults to debian:9[5]. We are still
looking for some offical sponsors of runners, please contact us at
salsa-admin@debian.org if you want to sponsor one.

Alioth Redirects

We added a redirect feature for repositories that migrated from alioth
to salsa. Please check the docs of the AliothRewriter[6] for details.
Keep in mind that git:// and git+ssh:// do not get redirected and
therefore you should lock your repositories on alioth after you migrated

Dealing with Debian BTS from commit messages

On Alioth you could modify the post-receive hooks to your liking, and as
such many people used various solutions to either tag bugs pending or
even close them, based on the commits pushed. As that way is not
available on gitlab, I wrote a webhook receiver to replace it.

This webhook receiver allows to close bugs - or tag them pending,
whichever way you prefer - using commit messages. Check our docs on how
to use it[7].

Additional webhook abilities

The code[8] for the webhook receiver is easily extendable (just add a
file to the plugins dir), so we invite feature and/or merge requests
if you want to add more abilities to it. To see what can be done,
upstream documentation [9] has a nice overview.

A few limits/caveats:
 - The webhook service has *NO* access to the git repositories
   whatsoever. It only knows whatever the JSON payload provides.
 - URL parameters CAN be used to transmit more (like the source package
   name), but to avoid confusion and complexity, they should be
   limited to the absolute minimum. If you need something really
   complex, developing an integration for gitlab may be the better
 - gitlab wants hooks to be FAST, so if something potentially long
   running is to be done (like SOAP fetching from BTS), make it run in

Joerg on behalf of the salsa team
Bastian Blank (waldi)
Jörg Jaspert (ganneff)
Alexander Wirt (formorer)

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/Doc
[2] https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/Doc#IRC_notifications
[3] https://about.gitlab.com/features/gitlab-ci-cd/
[4] https://hub.docker.com/
[5] https://hub.docker.com/_/debian/
[6] https://salsa.debian.org/salsa/AliothRewriter
[7] https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/Doc#Dealing_with_Debian_BTS_from_commit_messages
[8] https://salsa.debian.org/salsa/webhook
[9] https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/user/project/integrations/webhooks.html

bye, Joerg

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