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Technical committee appointments

Dear Developers,

As defined by our constitution (§ 6.2.2), the Technical Committee has 
recommended[1] the appointments of Sam Hartman <hartmans>, Tollef Fog
Heen <tfheen>, and Didier Raboud <odyx>.

Given the the recent constitution change about expiration of Technical
Committee membership[2], the order of appointments might matter in the
future (to decide which of those appointees would expire first).
I clarified with the Technical Committee that the above order of
recommendation is significant, and decided to follow it by appointing
them in the reverse order of recommendation (so that the most preferred
appointee could serve one more year due to the expiration algorithm).

I am therefore very happy to follow this recommendation, and to appoint:
  first, Didier Raboud <odyx>
  then, Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen>
  finally, Sam Hartman <hartmans>
as members of the Debian Technical Committee.

For reference, the members of the Debian Technical Committee are now:
     Bdale Garbee (chairman)
     Don Armstrong 
     Andreas Barth 
     Steve Langasek 
     Keith Packard
     Didier Raboud
     Tollef Fog Heen
     Sam Hartman

I would also like to use that opportunity to thank Russ Allbery, Ian
Jackson and Colin Watson for their service in the Technical Committee.
And of course, let's all thank Didier, Tollef and Sam for accepting this
important role in the project!

- Lucas

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-ctte/2015/03/msg00023.html
[2] https://www.debian.org/vote/2014/vote_004

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