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Status on the Jessie release

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The Jessie freeze is now entering its 4th month.  Thanks to many of you,
the release have made good process.

At this point, an April release is /a possibility/ - *however*, it
implies that we all roll up our sleeves and squash those remaining bugs.
  I will follow up with a dd-list of packages with RC bugs affecting
unstable and testing to debian-devel shortly.

Known blockers

The RC bug list (according to UDD):

 * 55 RC bugs open, affecting key packages in sid AND jessie[1]

  - Want to help the release?  Help us fix the remaining issues by
    triaging those bugs and uploading NMU's with targeted fixes.  We
    will start tagging some of these bugs jessie-ignore. That means we
    will still accept fixes for them (if they are not invasive), but
    we will /not/ delay the release for them.

 * 17 RC bugs affecting non-key packages. We will remove these
   packages from jessie if these bugs are not fixed. If you want to
   keep them, now is the time to upload an NMU.

 * The release-notes still need some improvements.  In particular, a
   recovery section for systemd is needed.

   - It could most likely also do with a "best practise" and a "do
     this before rebooting after the systemd migration" section (among

   - If you want to help with this, please follow up to #773386.

Requests for Help

 * The Debian GRUB team requested help with the Grub2 RC bugs.  Please
   consider helping with triaging one or more of:

   - #756253 Upgrade from 2.02~beta2-10 to 2.02~beta2-11 left grub [...]
   - #778810 grub-efi-amd64-bin: boot/bootx86.efi problems
   - #689266 grub-pc: graphics mode sends VGA signal out of range [...]
   - #741464 grub-pc-bin: freezes after "terminal_input at_keyboard"
   - #777191 grub-efi-amd64 on Debian Jessie cannot boot zfs native ...]
   - #778810 grub-efi-amd64-bin: boot/bootx86.efi problems
   - #735932 [grub2-common] Computer does not boot


 * Part of our buildd infrastructure need to be upgraded to Jessie
   prior to the release.  Here, DSA and the wanna-build admins have
   migrated servers from about 5 out of 10 architectures.  The rest
   will hopefully follow soon.

 * We have had numerous issues with upgrades due to trigger cycles.
   Unfortunately, we had to request a revert of the trigger cycle
   checks in dpkg for Jessie and the trigger cycles are now handled as
   they were in Wheezy (i.e. silently ignored).

 * There have a bit of progress on existing "jessie-is-blocker" bugs.

   - #759530, we suspect the problem being corrupted aux-caches and
     ldconfig simply not doing any validation of the cache before
     using it.  Aurelien Jarno is currently reviewing the proposed
     patch and plans to discuss it with upstream.

   - #779048, we need a upgrade path from libjpeg-progs to
     libjpeg-turbo-progs for Jessie.  Most likely, it is just a
     question of adding a versioned Breaks in libjpeg62-turbo on
     libjpeg-progs, some upgrade testing and a dupload.

 * We were made aware of a upgrade issue due to the old dependency
   cycle between perl and perl-modules.  The maintainers and the perl
   team have already patched the affected packages and the last of
   them have already migrated to testing.

 * Cyril Brulebois suggested that the debian-installer RC2 release is
   steady approaching.


 * A big thanks to Ansgar Burchardt for backporting patches from the
   debian-specific buildd version of sbuild.  This allowed us to start
   the upgrade of the buildd infrastructure to Jessie.  Also many
   thanks to the people involved on the buildd and DSA side their fast
   and dedicated work on migrating the hosts so far.

 * Thanks to the security team for reviewing some of the current
   security bugs and proposing removals, severity adjustments etc.

 * Thanks to the Perl Team for their efficient resolution of the perl
   dependency cycle.

Niels, on behalf of the Debian Release Team.


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