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ries, AKA ftp-master.debian.org back, status


if you read our debian-devel list you might already have noticed[1]:

Yesterday late night (UTC) I told the world that our ftp-master machine
is back alive. Let me cite some of that mail here, as it was only on

After a set of ping-pong games with the support there finally was a
technician who applied some magic and some hardware changes to the
machine. Our DSA team then run a whole set of the testsuite for the
server and it all appeared to work nicely (prior tests always

When I wrote that, the machine was still running fsck. This is all over
now and we are currently in the process of getting the services back up

I already have compared all files in our archive to the md5 checksum
stored in our central database. 32 files have been damaged and need to
be replaced. All of those are fixable by binnmus or a reupload and are
dealt with. For more details you might also want to look at an earlier
mail[2] from me.

We are currently importing all the uploads that people did in the past
10 days, which had been on hold in our uploadqueue. This sums up to an
amazing set of 1285 uploads with nearly 10gb, and as such it will take a
while to process. This is a pretty heavy task. (Usually running 4 times
an hour!). I expect this to take somewhere between 10 and 14 hours to

In parallel to those actions the release team took a look at britney,
and it is currently running, so the next dinstall run will also have a
few updates to testing. None of the above mentioned uploads will be
included there, britney runs on the last known state of the archive
prior to today.

When this long uploadqueue process is done I will run a manual dinstall,
closely monitoring the steps taken and after this the ftpmaster service
will be back up normal. Depending on the time the above mentioned
uploadqueue process will take, this will either be late this night or
early on tomorrow (UTC). This means you will see updates, and lots of
them, to sid flowing in tomorrow again, as a sort of easter present to
you all. :)

As a sidenote from me: If you have a package that might be involved in
whatever transition to testing, or simply might get involved, it could
really help if you wait a day or two with the next upload, so the
release team can sort through all before you give them new trouble. If
in doubt, try mailing debian-release@lists.debian.org and ask. :)

You might want to look at [3] every now and then. I keep a short list of
notes about the progress there, updated every now and then.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2010/04/msg00038.html
[2] http://lists.debian.org/87ocickp9c.fsf@gkar.ganneff.de
[3] http://ftp-master.debian.org/timeline

bye, Joerg
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