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Some mail changes

Hello all,

Currently, there is an implicit conflation between $user@debian.org and
$user@$machine.debian.org.  This means that mail to, for instance,
sgran@gluck.debian.org is handled the same way as mail to
sgran@debian.org, whether or not I have an account on the gluck.  I'd
quite like to change this.

Unfortunately, this will break some people's mail setups if they rely on
this implicit behavior.  The most common usage I have seen of this type
is a user whoes does not have a mail forward set and relies on, for
instance, procmail on master to do the work for them.  If you are
currently relying on something like this, please set your mail forward
to $user@master.debian.org.  This will allow procmail/.forward/etc
handling to continue.  There appear to currently be 27 active users who
do not have mail forwards set in ldap, so this mail is primarily to
them.  A list can be provided, but the same list can be obtained with:

ldapsearch -x '(&(uid=*)(!(emailForward=*))(!(accountStatus=*))(!(objectClass=debianRoleAccount)))' uid

from any debian.org machine.

I'd like to make this change in the next few weeks, unless there is an
obvious reason to keep spamtraps like this open that I am missing.
Let's set a loose date of April 18th for making this change - certainly
not before, but possibly after.

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