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Distro Summit 2010: Call for Papers


Distro Summit 2010 is a one-day technical conference with a strong focus on
collaboration between Free Software distributions. The event is  hosted at
the linux.conf.au, which will be held in Wellington (New Zealand) on the
18-23 of January, 2010.

We are looking for proposals from any Free Software distribution, from the
typical full distributions (both linux and non-linux) to the niche market

In spite of the strong focus on collaboration between Free Software
distributions, topics may include packaging, maintenance, relationship with
upstream developers, release management and QA.

For more informtion, please visit: http://distrosummit.org.

Important dates

 * Call for papers ends: Wednesday 30 September 2009
 * Announcing the schedule: Friday 2 October 2009
 * Distro Summit 2010: 18/19 January 2010

Presentation types

We will accept proposals for:

 * 25 minute standard-length presentations;
 * 50 minute long presentations.

Session lengths include time for audience questions.

We intend for standard-length presentation to make up the vast majority of our
presentations. If you plan on submitting a proposal for a long presentation, a
willingness to present a standard-length presentation will impact positively on
your proposal.

Submit a proposal

To submit your proposal, we'll need the following information:

 * Your name, contact details and a short biography;
 * Your proposal title;
 * Intended audience;
 * An abstract;
 * Presentation outline;
 * Presentation type (standard-length or long).

To submit a proposal, or get more information, please write to

About the Distro Summit

The Distro Summit 2010 is a one-day developer conference with a strong focus on
collaboration between free software distributions hosted at the linux.conf.au
2010 (http://www.lca2010.org.nz). In addition to a schedule of technical,
social and policy talks, the Distro Summit provides an opportunity for
developers, contributors and other interested people to meet in person and work
together more closely.

Previous similar events have featured speakers from around the world. They have
also been extremely beneficial for developing key free software software
components and for improving collaboration and sharing between the different

Target Audience

The Distro Summit is (mainly) a technical event, but this does not mean that
the only target audience are developers and maintainers of free software
distributions: the event will feature talks that range from the development to
real-world use cases, going through marketing and the social aspects of the
maintenance of free software distributions.

Fabio Tranchitella
on the behalf of the Distro Summit organizers

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