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Patch Tagging Guidelines (aka DEP3)


after several rounds of discussion on -devel, we now have a
new standard defining meta-information to integrate on patches that we
distribute/apply in our packages:

I just changed the status of this Debian Enhancement Proposal to
CANDIDATE, that means that you are all encouraged to make use of it and
try it out for real. Hopefully, http://patch-tracker.debian.org will gain
support of this format and will allow smarter browsing based on those

You are welcome to share your feedback about this format on -devel, if we
identify shortcomings or possible enhancements, we can still update
the proposal (but only after we had time to get some real feedback
based on actual usage of this format).

Feel free to update (Debian specific) tools that generate patches to
auto-generate a DEP3 header ready to be filled by the maintainer. Using
the format is a clear step forward towards more transparency on our local
changes, but it should not be difficul to use, thus some integration in
our tools is welcome.

Raphaël Hertzog

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