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debmirror - new features

As debmirror is a native package that may interest developers I thought a 
quick announcement here is appropriate.

I uploaded version 2.2 earlier this morning. In comparison with the lenny 
version, this introduces the following new features:

* Automatic creation and update of suite->codename symlinks (1.0)
* Option to cache the mirror state between runs (2.0)
* Significant speed increase for parsing Packages/Sources files (2.0)
* Mirroring of "current" Debian Installer images (2.0)
* Mirroring additional files from specific directories (2.1)
* Mirroring translation files (2.2)

For additional details, see my blog: 

Note that debmirror is intended to be used for creating (partial) local 
mirrors, not for official mirrors of the archive.


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