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Release Team, BTS, and debian-release@ policy.

To help with the tracking of the numerous issues the Release Team has to deal
with, we decided to make use of the release.debian.org pseudo-package on the
BTS[1]. It will help us to avoid missing requests, which sadly happens a bit
too often for our taste.

BTS Usertags

To help triaging bugs, the Release Team will use the following usertags:

  binnmu:     for ... wait for it ... binnmu requests.

  transition: transition tracking stuff.

  unblock, freeze-exception:
              to use for unblock or freeze-exception requests.

  opu, pu:    for oldstable and stable proposed updates upload requests.

  rm:         for oldstable, stable or testing removal requests.

Also some more obscure ones:

  britney:    for britney (aka the script responsible for testing
              migrations) bugs, wishlists or feature requests.

  tools:      for bugs related to various Release Team tools.

To help you with this, the latest reportbug (4.7) has been patched to
deal with release.debian.org and provide proper questioning templates
for all those usertags.

Also, to help people be able to follow who in the Release Team is
responsible for tackling a specific issue, the BTS "owner" feature will
be used with the address of the Release Team member following the task.
This will be particularly useful for long lived bugs, like transition
tracking bugs.

BTS policy

Most of the bugs you will report will have a very short history. Though,
some will need more exchanges (controversial unblock requests, long
transitions, ...). So that the history isn't cluttered with discussion,
we will ask you to only log status changes or facts relevant to the
request. Any discussion about the request should happen on list[2].

List policy

The Release Team list policy has long been “this is not a discussion
list, please go elsewhere”. The reason has been that with too much
discussion, it's easy to lose track of the release related requests.
With the BTS, we hope this will not happen anymore. That's why we're
considering relaxing the list policy to enclose matters like Release
Goals discussions, arch qualifications, and similar matters.


We'd like to thank Don Armstrong and Sandro Tosi for their help
preparing the BTS and reportbug for this.

On behalf of the Release Team,

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/release.debian.org
[2] debian-release@lists.debian.org of course

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