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DebConf10 visa information available


The DebConf10 local team would like to announce availability of visa
information at

Full information is contained at that page, provided by our lawyer; however
some important points are indicated below.

- The United States depends on its tens of millions of visitors annually for
  its economy to function.  Getting approved for a visa is not a rare
  exception, and it is even easier given our generous free help from an
  immigration lawyer.

- If you are from a Visa Waiver Program country (see visa page), fill out the
  ESTA web form to apply for your travel authorization now.  You don't need any
  information about the conference itself or your means of travel.

- If you will need to apply for a visa, check the visa information page for
  information on what to do.  Carefully check the wait times for your country's
  embassy. For most countries there is no *immediate* urgency, but plan to get
  an appointment well in advance of May 2010.

- Make sure you will have a passport that will expire in February 2011 or later
  (6 months after the latest possible DebConf date).  If not, apply for a new

***Special note to Venezuelans: Since the wait time for a visa appointment in
Caracas is so long, we have been paying special attention to its visa
application process.  We have reports that the dates for visa appointments are
moving quickly, getting later and later.  If you are are applying for a visa in
Caracas, you need to make an appointment *immediately*.  You just need to make
an appointment now, supporting materials can be assembled later.***

The local team hopes that everyone interested can meet us in New York City and
have a great DebConf10 experience!

- The DebConf10 Local Team

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