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Bits from the ftpteam regarding the release

Hi all,

As the release is coming up, we thought it'd be a good idea to let people know
what will be going on with various ftp-master functions around that time.

The current (rough) timescale for the release can be seen on the wiki at


For ftp-master.debian.org, this means that, on Saturday 14th, some time
after the 0752UTC dinstall run but before the normal 1352UTC run, we will be
disabling both dinstall and unchecked processing (the part of dak which takes
packages from queue/unchecked into incoming; also known as queue/accepted).
This means that packages uploaded after this point will sit in queue/unchecked
(and hence will *not* be on incoming.debian.org) until we re-enable the cron
jobs.  All packages will just remain queued however.

Re-enabling the cronjobs depends on various other items being completed such
as making sure that the buildd team are happy with the change over to
squeeze and sid rather than lenny and sid, and ensuring that the archive
is properly set up for squeeze.

As we want to minimise the chance that we'll break the release, the current
intention is to re-enable the cronjobs on Sunday 15th, not on Saturday.  We'll
drop an email to d-d-a again once this happens and then go and hide somewhere
while everyone uploads a new version of every package to sid simultaneously :-)


Mark (on behalf of the ftpteam)

Mark Hymers <mhy at debian dot org>

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