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Debian squeeze waiting for development


As you will have probably noticed by now, the new Debian release cycle
has begun. In other words:

  Debian 5.0 (lenny) has been released!

We are more than happy to use this opportunity to thank the Debian
community for the work it has put into this release. Lenny is better,
bigger, more stable and easier to use than all former Debian releases,
due to the work of numerous volunteers who give all our release
management a point. Thank you all!

Not only did our package maintainers do a great job, but we have been
able to rely on the great work of our release note editor, Martin
Borgert, the CD, ftp and mirror teams and a great number of translators
for the last steps of the release process.

It's hard to write a 'thank you' note after such a big effort, as the
great number of people involved makes it easy to simply miss someone.
Still, we want to recognize the work of those named above, but also that
of the installer team, the system administrators and porters, the users
who provided us with feedback and of course all those developers who
provided last-minute fixes.

Preparing the first point-release
As announced in the last release updates, some non-blocking fixes have
been deferred to first point release, which will be prepared in the
coming weeks. Please contact the stable release team (at
debian-release@lists.debian.org) to coordinate uploads to
stable-proposed-updates. Of course, you can also do so for bugs that
have only just have noticed. Fixes targeted for the first point
release will be tracked on

At this point, we would also like to point out that the numbering scheme
for Debian releases has been changed - point releases now use a true
micro version number, so the first point release will be 5.0.1 instead
of 5.0r1.
The minor release number will be used for efforts such as lenny and a

Continuing with Squeeze
So, as pointed out at the beginning of this mail: We have started a new
release cycle. After some internal talk, we will come to the project to
outline a draft of our plans and have some discussions about this new
release cycle. In the meantime, we'd just like to say:

    * It's finally time to push your new software into unstable! Play
      around. Do all changes that you have been waiting to do. Try
      making squeeze rock since day 0.

    * If you have changes impacting a lot of packages, for example,
      radical changes in the toolchain, or stuff that's going to leave
      unstable broken for a long time (FTBFSes, etc.), it would be nice
      to get them discussed and coordinated first, and pushed out

      In particular, we would really appreciate if SONAME bumps could
      be coordinated with -release. We realize there are a lot of them
      pending, so we're going to try to do as many in parallel as
      possible, but having 5 *entangled* transitions just makes
      migration take forever, which is bad for everybody.

    * There's no excuse for not fixing RC bugs in your packages.

Also, as agreed between FTP team and porters at the time, adding armel
to the archive was conditional on dropping arm after Lenny, so as of now
arm is no longer present in the new testing, nor in unstable.

Release managers
On a more personal note, I would like to thank all of you for the great
fun I had with my job as release manager. Still, I feel I don't have
enough time to continue in this position, and thus am happy to announce
that Adeodato Simó will replace me as release manager for the squeeze

And now, we'll party and let the stable release team do the rest - we
recommend you do the same :-)

Thanks again to all of you for the great support Debian got!

Your Debian Release Team
Marc, Luk, Dato, Phil, Neil, Pierre, Martin, Andi and Steve

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