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Bits from the DPL: marketing team delegations

   Dear Developers,

   While I am still empowered to do so, I would like to make the
following delegations:

    1. Andreas Schuldei <andreas@debian.org> is appointed to the
    Debian Marketing Team.

    2. Moritz Muehlenhoff <jmm@debian.org> is appointed to the
    Debian Marketing Team.

   I like to think of the marketing team as a non-technical equivalent
to the technical committee, with a looser organisation. Its goal is 
to improve Debian's visibility and attractiveness amongst users and
contributors, both actual and prospective.

   The marketing team is empowered to make design and marketing-related
decisions about the Debian operating system and its distribution means. 
This is includes but is not limited to: default wallpapers, themes for
the various desktops, splash screens, official CD cover art, promotional
posters, T-shirts and goodies, the Debian web site design, etc.

   The marketing team may make decisions when asked to do so by any
person or body. I will let the initial delegated members bootstrap the
team, decide its internal organisation, optimal size and decision-making
process, which they may change later following their own rules.

   I encourage the team to recruit art and marketing-savvy people
amongst Debian developers but also amongst Debian enthusiasts who share
Debian's goals, and to cooperate with the existing Desktop and Publicity
teams. I also encourage future DPLs to duly consider the team's expense

   Since the team is DPL-delegated, the DPL can add or remove existing
members, too. These delegations are effective until revoked by the DPL
or by a resolution.


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