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Bits from the New DPL

Hi folks,

Just a quick note to start my term as the new Project Leader. I must
thank Sam for all his efforts in the last year, I also want to tell
him that he can't get away quite so easily - I'm sure we'll find
plenty more for him to do yet. *grin*

Thanks also to both Marc and Raphael for standing in the election this
year. Of course I'm happy to have beaten them, but I also believe that
they could each have done a very reasonable DPL job. I've spoken to
both in the last week, and we'll be working on stuff together
regardless of this result.

Over the coming year, I expect I'll get to meet lots more of you and
I'm hoping I'll be able to help make Debian work better and be more
fun for you. Maybe to counter that aim (*grin*), I'm planning on
boring you with regular updates on what I've been up to from month to
month, and with pointers to cool stuff in the project as a whole. I've
also got a pile of press questions to answer in the next few days, so
you'll probably see more of my words and (gods forbid!) my ugly mug
staring back at you from various websites in the next month or
so. Apologies in advance for that.

I'm not planning on taking on a DPL team or a 2IC as such this year,
but I fully expect to be delegating bits and pieces of work to various
people from time to time. I'll go into more details as and when that

The first thing I've promised to work on is a review of all the core
jobs in Debian. There are plainly places where we can improve on how
things are working, and my very first task is going to be looking into
those. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be contacting all the
core teams. In each case, we're going to come up with an honest
assessment of how we're doing and how/whether we can make things
better. Once those reviews are done, I'm going to be pushing through
whatever changes are indicated. There's no point in rushing into
trying to solve problems without a full grasp of the situation, but
equally I'm not going to sit back and wait forever for problems to fix
themselves this year.

The rest of my plans for the year are not quite so urgent, so I'll
keep you in suspense a little longer about those. In the meantime,
please get in touch with me if you have any problems that you think I
could assist with. I'm here to help, so please talk to me...!

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"I've only once written 'SQL is my bitch' in a comment. But that code 
 is in use on a military site..." -- Simon Booth

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